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From the Superintendent

As you are probably well aware, concerns regarding clowns have been escalating through social media outlets and news reports. This week, some towns in Morris County have received “clown threats” via postings on the Internet. Many of our students, particularly those in the lower elementary grades, have expressed fear about clowns in and around their schools.

We want to reassure our school community that, although we have not been able to verify a similar threat, we take these concerns very seriously. We are communicating with the Dover Police Department about this issue. The Dover Police will provide an increased presence around our schools in an effort to diminish fears. In addition, our administrators and teachers are reminding students that they are in a safe environment at all times in our buildings. We will continue to investigate the veracity of rumors and report any information to the local authorities.

Daily Announcements

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Main Office / Officina Principal:

School Nurse/ enfermera de la escuela:

Grade 7 & 8 Guidance / Grado 7 y 8 de Orientacion:

CadeucwPlease make sure your vaccinations are up-to-date in the nurses office!

Doctors recommend getting a flu vaccine as the best way to protect your child from the flu.


Box Tops for Education

logoNew Look at home for the Box Top for Education and cut it out. Each Box Top coupon is worth 10¢ for your school. You can clip Box Tops coupons from hundreds of your favorite products. Turn the box tops in to your classroom teacher. Last year we earned nearly $400 from collecting boxtops!

Did you move?

questionPlease notify the school office as soon as possible if you moved. Remember to let the office know if you have a new address or phone number. If you are moving out of Dover, you will need to come in to get a transfer form.


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Anti-Bullying District Coordinator Contact Information
District Coordinator Mr. Lou Taxiarchou
Phone # 973-328-6221
Main Office # 973-989-2020
School Anti-Bullying Specialist Contact Information
Academy Street School Mr. Jonathan Swack
Phone # 973-989-2066
North Dover Mr. Lou Taxiarchou
Phone # 973-328-6221
Main Office # 973-989-2020
East Dover School (7th & 8th) Mrs. Ana Rosa Acevedo
Phone # 973-989-2079
East Dover School (K-6th) Ms. Amy Button
Phone # 973-989-2040
Dover High School Mr. Mike McAuley
Phone # 973-989-2009


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